Coffee Fibre Nappy with 4 Layer Coffee/Microfibre Insert - "Ahoy Matey!"


Lobelle Coffee Fibre Nappies are a pocket nappy made using a coffee fibre mesh, which is brown in colour and therefore reduces staining. Due to the coffee fibres these nappies are fast drying, have odour reducing and anti-bacterial properties.


Fastened using a double popper closure system with stretchable tabs ensures the comfort of the baby while still maintaining a snug and secure fit. The crossover poppers on the tabs, length adjusting poppers on the front and the double gusset design allow for use with babies of all sizes, maintaining comfort but preventing leakage. The outer layer is made from PUL which is waterproof so no outer cover is needed.


Being a pocket nappy, fantastic absorbency characteristics are possible due to the addition of boosters where required, making these nappies a perfect choice for all babies including “heavy wetters”.


Suitable for newborn up to potty trained (approximately 2 ½ - 3 years).

"Ahoy Matey!" Coffee Fibre Nappy (including coffee insert)

SKU: CFN1022