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Washing Cloth Nappies.png

How do I wash cloth nappies?

Washing cloth nappies couldn't be easier! Simply shake off any soiled nappies into the toilet, or dispose of the disposable liners if you use them. Separate the components of the nappy (e.g. remove the inserts from a pocket nappy) and chuck it all in the washing machine!

Set the washing machine to a pre-wash (we use a 30 minute rinse and spin) to start followed by a long 40 to 60 degrees wash. We advise using a moderate amount of non-bio detergent and do not use fabric softener (it will damage any waterproof PUL).

Thats it, it's that simple!

Drying Cloth Nappies.png

How can I dry my cloth nappies?

How to dry re-useable cloth nappies is a question we receive quite often. The general rule of thumb is to line dry your nappies and inserts. This can be done on a standard clothes airer, or a garden washing line for example (the sun will actually help by naturally bleaching the nappies and inserts reducing any staining).

If you are running out of time and clean, dry nappies you can tumble dry the inserts only on a low heat (do not tumble dry anything with a waterproof PUL coating as this will damage it). We wouldn't recommend this on a regular basis as the inserts will start to deteriorate.

Do not subject the nappies or inserts to direct heat such as a radiator as this will damage them.

Before Initial Use.png

Do I have to do anything before using my cloth nappies for the first time?

We recommend that you put your new re-useable cloth nappies on a standard rinse and spin cycle in your washing machine 2-3 times prior to the first use. You do not have to let the nappies dry between rinse cycles.

This process is to improve the absorbancy of the nappies prior to their first use on your baby.

How many nappies do I need.png

How many cloth nappies will I need for my baby?

We would recommend that you will need at least 20-25 per child however this does depend on a number of factors. For example, how often you perform a nappy wash, how often your baby needs changing (heavy wetters), type and brand of nappy that you are using.

Newborn babies will generally require changing more often than older children too so that is another consideration when deciding on the number of nappies you require.

We generally use between 4 and 6 nappies a day with a wash 2-3 times a week depending on the circumstances. 

What If Baby Poos.png

What happens if baby has a poo? What do I do?

The idea of soiled cloth nappies is usually what puts most parents off using them, however it is not as bad as you think!

Once you have taken the soiled nappy off your baby and finished changing them, simply shake off any solids into the toilet or dispose of the disposable liner if you use them (don't worry they are generally made of biodegradable materials). You can then store the dirty nappy in a wet bag or nappy bucket ready for your next nappy wash.

How often should I change babys nappy.pn

How often do I need to change my baby when using cloth nappies?

Cloth nappies will generally perform better than disposables however we would still recommend changing your baby every 2-3 hours whether you are using cloth or not. We would advise that you change your baby sooner regardless of timescale if they have had a poo.