The Story of Lobelle UK

We believe that small changes can make a big difference.

We are a small family run business with just Danni and Mike behind the scenes making sure that the cogs are spinning in the right direction and everything is up to scratch.

I (Danni) had my first child in 2015 and as a single mum realised the sheer expense of disposable nappies. I had not looked into cloth reusable nappies until my son, Logan was nearly potty trained and was astounded by the information that I had found.

When Mike and I found that we were expecting a child together we fell deeply into a rabbit hole of information on the different types of cloth nappies, soaking up information on all the different styles, types, shapes and sizes trying to find the nappies that would suit us best.

Welcoming daughter, Arabella in March 2020 we started our cloth nappy journey. We tried, tested and experimented with all different kinds of reusable cloth nappies on the market finding what worked for us and our daughter.

Aspiring to start a business since Arabella was born we used all of the information that we had gained from the start of our cloth nappy journey, to provide other parents with eco friendly, sustainable options, sourcing products that we found were effective with Arabella.

We started our business incorporating our children's names into the company name, Lobelle, Logan and Arabella. (Pictured).

~Danni & Mike